Dual Drive Electric Longboard for Adults

Dual Drive Electric Longboard for Adults

Today, I would like to recommend a new Electric Skateboard. It is Dual Drive Four-wheel Longboard with Multi-function Remote Control. 

.Cool and Fun: With better elasticity and more beautiful surface, this electric skateboard brings you a unique outdoor riding experience.
.Durability and Safety: The panel is made of 6 layers of maple wood and two layers of carbonized bamboo, with a maximum load capacity of 100KG. This skateboard with emery non-slip surface and high-quality PU wheels provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating.

.High-performance: Strong power provided by 90 dual drive wheel motor, this skateboard's maximum speed can reach up to 42KM/H. The longest sliding distance is 25KM, which fully meets your requirements for short distace.
.Wireless Remote Control: Equipped with a multi-function wireless remote control that can switch three speed modes, this skateboard is comfortable to slide and easy to carry, making it an excellent choice for commuting, street sliding, outdoor sports and challenges.

.Best Gift: Ideal for beginners, amateur players and professional players, it is also an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for adults and teenagers.


product link: https://www.stakboard.com/products/stakboard-electric-skateboard-dual-drive-longboard


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