Electric skateboard culture

Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s. It evolved from surfing on the sea and is an extension of water skateboarding to land. It flourished in the 1970s, and there were more than 300 public or private skate parks in California alone. Now, there are more than 5,000 extreme parks (skateboarding, extreme inline skating and stunt bikes) in the United States.


With the development of skateboarding, skateboarding technology is catching up with its ancestor surfing. Alan Gelfand invented ollie, which made the skateboarding industry pay more attention to high-tech performance and produced many skateboarding stars. Touring brand promotion activities organized by skateboarders and well-known companies have brought huge benefits to businesses and become a common practice in industry marketing. The muddy clothing and nostalgic sneakers of skateboarders have become a world trend, and related music (new wave music, punk, hip-hop) has also reached its peak, and its language, skills, costumes and music constitute unique characteristics. Skateboarding culture. There are 4.5 million skateboarders in the United States! Because skateboarding was too thrilling, in the 1960s, skateboarding was strictly prohibited by the government, and it was once reduced to an "underground project." It wasn't until the mid-1980s that the skateboarding project was publicly cancelled by the government and re-emerged, allowing this urban magical movement to make a comeback. Skateboarding stars Tony Hawk and Andy McDonald are undoubtedly super idols like Jordan and Sampras in the eyes of many young people. Skateboarding is characterized by sliding behavior, advocating free movement, experiencing and creating the feeling of supergravity, and bringing the joy of success and creation to skaters. Skateboarding is different from traditional sports. It is not limited to fixed models. It requires skaters to freely use their imagination, create in sports, exercise creatively, emphasize physical and mental freedom, and respect sports that integrate with nature. Skateboarding is full of self-challenge, excitement and high-tech penetration beyond the limits of mind and body. The essence of people perfecting their humanity in sports and returning to nature has been fully emphasized again. In the prosperous city, there are characteristics of Qingliu extreme sports that return to nature, integrate into nature, challenge oneself, and realize the ideological realm of harmony between man and nature. In European and American countries and developing countries, participating in extreme sports has become the most popular and lasting fashion for urban youth. Participating in extreme sports has become the dream of urban youth!

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