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    As we know, skateboard comes from sea. Some surfer in California can't stand the bore of  a windless day, they attached skate wheels on wooden boxes or boards, build the earliest and simplest skateboard in the world. As the sport of surfing became highly popular, a new wave of surfing on the sidewalk comes. Now you can see skateboards with different shapes and construction on the market.

    Electric skateboard is a new exploration and comprehensive upgrade for skateboard. Skateboard riders while technology lovers mount the battery, motors, ESC onto their boards, build their own unique ESK8. Like many new and exciting things, electric skateboard becomes more and more popular and mature. Now we have many veteran riders and great builders.

    On Stakboard.com, we collect electric skateboards and board kits and parts of with high quality and fair price. We are seeking for more great ideas, and test them on our board again and again, and then launching our new product continuously for our customers.