Order Processing

Q: How can I order board?

You can order from our official website, or contact us via service@stakboard.com

Q: How long will my board sent out?

3-5 working days after checking your order.

Q: How long it take to arrive my address?

Normal shipping days as following:

(Current shipping times are based on data provided by the logistics company)

United states: 21-28 days.
Europe: 21-28 days.
Canada: 28-35 days.
Australia: 14-28 days.
Western Australia: 28-35 days.

Other countries, shipping is unavailable, please confirm with us by email or online inquiry.


Q: Is it include extra tax and freight cost?

One complete VowBoard, you will not need to pay extra tax and freight cost for our board in USA and UE.(tax will be charged for customers in NZ/Norway/Switzerland/South Korea).

Parts and accessories will be charged tax in NZ/Norway/Switzerland/South Korea.


Q: I mistakenly place an order, can you return my payment?

If the products had been produced or shipped out, refund will not be accepted. So please read relevant terms carefully.  

Q: Will I receive a tracking number?
Yes! Normally you will get the tracking number in 48 hours after you place the order.

Please note that the tracking time stated on your tracking number is not accurate, as we are utilizing a special shipping method.you can track order on our website.

Q: How water resistant is this board? Will it still function if it goes through small puddles?

We've been skating the Vow board through several puddles without any issues.

We do - however - recommend that you ride around water and stay away from wet or icy surfaces. The board is not waterproof, the water could damage the Board. And riding on wet and icy surfaces is extremely dangerous, as you will easily lose control of the powerful board.


Q: Do I need to charge the battery when I receive the board?

Yes,you need to,but not required. Because the battery is not fully charged before leaving the factory (to protect the battery during Long-distance shipping).


Q: How much weight can Vowboard carry?
The max load of Vowboard is 280 pounds (150kg).
We do recommend a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120kg) and below, as weights above that might have an impact on performance and speed.

Q: After-Sale Services

Q: How long is your warranty period?

Originally buy from our website, warranty period is three months including parts.  motor, battery and remote. However, man-made damage or misuse will be beyond the warranty terms.


Q: How can apply replacement or repair for Vowboard?

Within warranty period, we check mistaken reason, then provide spare parts or teach you how to repair the vehicle by video or instruction online.


Q: What should I provide to check warranty terms.

Relevant photo and words to our mailbox, your name and address to check purchase date.

Usage Instruction

Q: How can know Vowboard’s use method?

We provide operation manual and supportive video to teach you correctly run you skateboard.


Q: Who is proper to use the board.

Above 14 yeas old person can use easily, below the old child run it under the supervision.


Q: What can I use Vowboard to do?

Short distance movement on/off work, send goods, happy, Practice balance sensitivity, replace walk etc.


Q: Can I customize my brand name or draw on board?

Yes, onle meet MOQ requirement and provide draw for printing.


Q: How long distance Vowboard run last?

Charged full power, riding distance is 30KM, but suggest to use original battery.

It take about 2-3 hours to charge fully.


Q: Have smart brake system of Vowboard?

Yes, smart anti-lock brake system make your speed slowing down other then promptly stop.


Q: What is Vowboard advantages?

Unique wheel is maximum features with anti-slip, rubber tries with long life.


Q: Why is your price so lower than other brands?

We are manufactures in China to provide the directly door to door service, no subcontract or dealer for transportation. Additional, low margin room is kept for covering more person.